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how to disable CPU throttling?

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Oct 5, 2003
I got a board that I used a few months ago and really liked it, MSI 865PE Neo2-LS, but the board reads the cpu temp really wrong. I know I could RMA it and get another one, but i'm really lazy lol. It reports the cpu temp as being anywhere from 80-90C idle. I'm using the AI7 now and i know that the real temp is 29 idle, 44 load, and YES i reseated the cpu many many times.
It ran fine except very very slow- i think it was running somewhere in the ballpark of 1.5ghz, 15 minutes a frame folding with that, about 5:50 on the same WU with this board :)

anyways, is there a way to stop the board from throttling or should i just RMA it? this is also a mental thing, if theres a way to fix it i'll keep it and fold with my 2.6C, if i RMA it i'd be more inclined to selling them


May 1, 2004
Keep the chip cool to stop it from throttling...if your board is fubard then rma it..try flashing it to the latest bios see if that fixes it.....


Feb 1, 2004
Dacula, GA
Karbon, What Bios are you running as this was a known problem with the 865 Neo boards that the latest bios versions will correct

Also where are you seeing the high temps ? In the Bios or with Core Center?

When I first purchased my board I also had the same problem(bios version 1.8) I updated to 2.1 because I needed the Prescott microcode and the temps are much closer to what Speed Fan is reporting.

If you are going to flash yor bios becareful to select the correct version as MSI uses the "865" label for two different boards. One uses a bios version that starts with "2." and the other uses bios versions that start with "3."

The MSI forums are very helpful