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How to get a factory HSF off a K6-2 500

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2001
Sacramento, CA.
My roomates got this CPU and the HSF is glued on from the factory. How the $#@* do I get it off there so I can put a better one on to O/C with?
it's GLUED??? wtf is that about???
i wish i could help... but....
i've heard about removing the cover of the chip, which of course, i'd love to learn more on.... if one of you experts could post on this, in detail, or a link even, i'd appreciate it... and it might also be the way to go in the "glued-on" scenario also....
i hear the "freeze-crack" trick isn't so swift... heheh
Glued? really? well my 2 experiances with glue hsf's were on video cards. What i did for 1 was simply get a thin but strong fillet knife and pryed it off. Te 2nd one i did the freezer trick. they say 40 mins. i did 1h and it seemed easier. Just be very gentle if you do it.
i have had a number of experienced with the "glued on just to be a jackass" situation, get a small flat blade screwdriver or a knife and slowly push it inbetween the hs and the processor, you might scratch it up but you're not going to kill it, then just start wigglin it around till you get the bastard off
Thanks guys, it sounds a little scary but if I break it, O-well. He wanted to upgrade anyway. Maybe I'll just O/C it and heat it up till the glue melts or it fries.
are you sure its glued on?? what was it an E-machine or something? ,the thermal paste can dry up and create a vaccum that holds it on there real well ,but it is not glue... I have never seen one glued on before???
Yep, it's glued on. Probably thermal epoxy. It came as a boxed cpu from AMD. Thier stock HSF glued solid to the chip. Pretty stupid if ya ask me but they never asked me before they sold it.
OK, In this situation i would try heating up the sink and see if I could get the epoxy to melt a little ,you cant really freeze it ,cause theres no way to hold the chip to twist the sink off ,I think melting the stuff is gonna be your only hope ,,CPU's can stand quite a bit of heat if there is no electricity running through them....BUT be sure to read my signature!!!!! ;)
dude, please repost with the final results... i hope i never have that problem, but would like to be informed as to the outcome. best of luck!
Roomate chickened out, He said, and I quote, "get the F$&* away from my chip". He wants to get a 1.33 and when he does the K6-2 is fair game. Think I'm gonna make it into a SETI and Folding cruncher machine.
Rather than removing the HSF, removing the heat spreader plate is my advise.

I have done this with many K6-2 and K6-3 (I've own a lot of these little chips). Their is a dot of a rubbery glue under the plates four corners. Run an exacto knife under those corners (be careful, there are surface mounted resistors under the spreader plate). Once you have done that, their is a do of the rubbery glue on top of the CPU core that holds the plate on, just grab the plate (or in this case the whole HSF) with a pair of pliers and pull it off the chip. What you will have left is a chip that looks just like a Duron or Tbird. Just be sure to use a good HSF designed for the Tbirds and Durons so you don't crush the CPU die.

Hope you can convince the roomy to let you play doctor.