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how to install waterblock?

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Jan 8, 2002
Im not positive but i dont think that i have mounting holes on my motherboard? I am using the msi k7n420 Pro can anyone out there using this board tell me if they have them? also if the dont is there anyway to install a waterblock in another fashon? thanks

Have you checked your motherboard manual for the specifications? It may show you in there.

If not in there you could check MSI's site to see if there is any information there.
Is this your board?


If so, then you can see the holes around the socket, two on the left and two on the right.

You can still use the six socket tabs to safely mount a waterblock, just don't get carried away tightening the socket clamp.
What kind of block are you going to use? Different block have different methods of mounting. If you want to know if you got the holes or not why don't you just open your case and look. That way you are 110% sure that they are there.
i wasnt home so i couldnt check. i am home now and can see the mounting holes thanks you. about the waterblock i was thinking the maze2 or the 3 when it comes out.
To mount them i would go to Home Depot or Lowes and get some metal nuts and bolts. The nylon stuff that come with the block sucks. I tighten them all the way down and they still move around. I replace them with some metal bolts and now is nice and tight. Just make sure there is no electrical connections by the holes or you might fried your board, use some plastic washers to be safe.