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How to update bios

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Mar 10, 2001
Cleveland, TN
I ahve no experience with your board, but short of the file names their almost all the same. *i "think" they're all the same withholding the file names*

Here is ECS's own guide(follow the one for AWARD)..

However this is how I would flash it.

Start by making a "Flash" disk, it's really a system disk with the bios files on it also. After looking at ecs site i see that you ahve a award bios chip which is only slightly different than my amibios chip(though award is better IMO)

To make the flash disk insert the floppy into your drive.
Click on My Computer
click on A:\
now click on FORMAT
make sure it's a FULL format not quick erase
also make sure the copy system files is selected
Ok once it is formated you'll ahve a couple system files and you'll be half way to being ready to update your bios.

Now find that bios file you downloaded
unzip it if you ahven't already
that should leave you with

If you ahven't already go back to ecs' site now an grab the award bios flashing utility
in this case the one for you is

Now that we have the flashing files we need to copy them to that "flash" disk we finished formating a little while ago.

SO you should have something like this(i hope your using WIN98se)

OK now if you'll restart your system and enter your bios you'll be almost ready to flash.

Now that your in BIOS you need to set it to boot from your floppy drive first.

Ok now that we've done that save and exit the BIOS.

With that "Flash" disk still int he drive let it start up. Those system files will get you into real-dos mode where you need to be if you wish to flash you bios.

Ok once at the command prompt you'll need to type this

A:\award816a.exe k7sem11e.bin
press ENTER

There will be some prompt messages double check you have the right BIOS file etc now else you can lose the board due to an improper flash.

Once it finishesit'll reboot and typically you have to go back into BIOS and redo your settings as the bios update will change your settings to default.

Hope this helps...btw PRAY ALOT....if power failure occurs during the flashing your Bios chip is toast and will require replacing. Some people say it ruins the board, but as far as I know it only kills the bios chip.

Good Luck.

**I assume no responsiblity for misflashed bios'**

repo man11

Dec 28, 2001
Everything he said. If the flash goes wrong somehow, it won't hurt the board, nor does it really "fry" the chip. It would mean that you'd have to try something like this or maybe get it reprogrammed. Also, if you're running WinXP, or 2000, you can't make a DOS floppy, but you can go to www.bootdisk.com and get the Dr. DOS bootdisc files. It is an executable, click on it and it will prompt you to insert a floppy to write the files on. Just don't try to rush iit, take your time and you'll do fine.