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I think I have pc2100 o/c record

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thanks, i'll try to get some sandra screenshots up soon. Now to try lowering the timings:D
My PNY PC2100 with Samusng TCA0 chips has been running 226 MHz/DDR452 for several weeks now. This chips on this stick were produced around the 5th week of 2002 and is the "C" revision. Most of the Samsung now based on the "D" revision (namely the PC2700) will top out around 200 - 210 MHz.
darn it, so i am now 2nd, to jmsandrsn. I'll have to really burn it in, and see if that'll help me catch you. My PNY is also Samsung chips, I got it in about march or may, so I probably have that same "c" revision too.

Did you get those at like Best Buy or Compusa? I know that they sell the PNY stuff.
320...my guess is that DDR=160 mhz. Yes?

Congrats to all who are getting high FSB from PC2100:D

I am a believer in keeping cost LOW (and remaining true to Bang for the Buck!) so I use PC2100 exclusively- and until recently I was pretty happy with running stable in the area of 175 mhz (2 rigs) and 180 mhz (1 pc). All are at the fastest timings:)

But I am now far down on the scale! lol

First time I heard of PNY doing well though: I have only had 1 stick of PNY and it wouldn't go over 150 under any circumstances:(
eli said:
Did you get those at like Best Buy or Compusa? I know that they sell the PNY stuff.

The stuff you can currently get at BestBuy, CircuitCity, and OfficeDepot is the "D" revision and I have seen production batches of both week 29 & 32 of this year. I have tried several sticks and it will top out around 200 - 210 MHz.

The stick I got was ordered through Amazon and it was drop-shipped from Ingram Micro and it was not in the regular retail package that PNY usually uses. It was just in a plastic bag that has Ingram's name and PNY's name on it. I was very surprised to see how high it would go.
Okay, i'm almost up to number one again. I tested it in sandra stable with an fsb of 219, or a total speed of 438 mhz!!!!! My results in sandra were something like 3136/3136. Heres the bummer, i tried bumping it up to 225 fsb, and corrupted my hard drive. Now i can't re-open my screenshot b/c I can't boot into windows. Have no fear though, I have a half day tomorrow so I can re-install:D:D. Going to burn it in at 219 fsb, and see where that gets me. I'm closing in on #1 :D

voltage is 2.9, no special cooling, the ram doesn't really feel warm to the touch. And yeah, I bought it at CompUsa.
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By the way, is anyone else having good luck with PNY? For 40-50 bucks, PNY seems to be overclocking well for most people posting here so far.

edit: crap, meant to edit last post. My bad.