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I think I killed my CPU...HELP!

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Jul 2, 2004
OK here's the deal.
My setup:

AMD Athlon XP 2600+ T-bred (185 x 12 @ 1.75vcore {raised from 1.70 BTW})
MSI k7n2-Delta mobo
1Gig Corsair ddr PC3200
ATI 9600 Pro (OC'd w/AtiTool)
4 Case fans
Thermalright slk-900a w/ 92mm Vantec Tornado
***350W PSU that came with the case***

OK, my rig died today, and won't boot or anything. It has been running very stable at the above setting for about 1 month, no probs. CPU temps below 40c.

SO today, I was downloading a torrent, and the damn screen went blank. No prob, just a crash I thought. WRONG! After turning the computer off, it wouldn't turn back on when the power button was pressed. After trying a few more times to get the damn thing on, I would get a "flicker" of power for a split second, then nothing. So I went out and bought a 450W Antec PSU hoping that that would fix the problem.

Well I can turn the power on now....the fans will turn on, but nothing else.
After setting jumpers for safe mode, resetting the CMOS jumper, removing the battery, removing all components from the mobo and letting it sit for a few hours, then reassembling, still no boot.

Did I kill my CPU and/or mobo? Any tips on anything else I can try before I have to go out and buy a "forced upgrade"?

Please help thanks!


Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Hmmm, only way to know for sure is to test ea. component in another comp.

Try this tho: Remove the cmos battery and unplug the ATX connector from the mobo. Remove all the parts including the mobo out of the case. Remove the cpu too. Wait a few, say 1/2 hour, then put the mobo back in. Then just put the bare essentials:

cpu w hsf
1 stick of ram
Video card

No fans except for the cpu cooler. make sure all the cables are set, then put the cmos battery in last and put the jumper back in normal mode. Start praying and hit the power switch. I do this and 8 out of 10 times it works. No garantees tho remember that.

Good luck.