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Im trying to make you think

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Mar 7, 2002
San diego or UC Davis
I'm running 3x256 (768mb) sticks pc-133 at CAS 3. Now only one of those sticks can run at CAS 2.
A) go buy a good brand 256 pc-133 stick thats rated at cas 2
B) stay at 768.
C) GO extreme and get all new ram 2-3 sticks of PC-150 so I can reach 170 fsb :cool: but even that will only get me 75mhz more.

Will cas 2 be faster with less RAM. It did gain me 50 points on 3dmark2001 with just the one stick thats 512mb less. 951!!! Can anyone beat this?? j/k getting a ti4400 or 8500 next week.

Just wondering what you guys out there would do personally.
Just to let you know about the 2 sticks of cas3 ram I have, no matter how conservative the timings are, it will not do cas 2 even if I underclock to fsb to 100.

thanks for you opinions
It really depends. Do you plan on upgrading to a DDR system?
266A or 333x mobo ?

IF you're going to stay with the setup you currently have, AND are going to keep it for years to come, as is, By all means buy better PC-133.

If you only have a bit more and then are going to upgrade to a DDR system, Maybe save ur bucks ($) and put it towards a DDR system.

The 333 mobo's are just getting interesting now. (the few that are out there)

My current system needs a DDR Vid card, but other than that, I'm gonna keep it and build a DDR/H20 rig.

Good Luck.

-An unanswered post is a terrible thing to waste.

As Warrior says, DDR is something to consider. I've thought of buying better RAM for my system, though I didn't do to bad, the generic RAM I bought from Tiger Direct last September for $35.00 runs the next to fastest settings on my board. But when I've thought of buying even better memory, it just seems to make more sense on waiting to make the jump to a DDR board. Then I could start thinking about getting an XP too!
I doubt I will be going DDR anytime soon. My system is less than a year old and it is still more than enough for anygame. Except for the vid card. I did see a Dual PIII board that supported DDR. But the return date had passed on the mobo I have right now. Yes, I was a little "upset". So pc-133/150 will have to do for now.