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is anybody playing Natural Selection?

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Jan 12, 2002
down at fraggle rock
there's a pretty cool new HL mod out called natural selection that's basically an "aliens" style mod.

I just downloaded it today and it's pretty cool. the file is about 90 mb but it's a good mod. The maps really resemble stuff from aliens....The cool thing is that each team has a Commander that can teleport resource gatherers, turret factories, ammo, and turrets to different spots on the map.

so each team builds different way points on their way to the other team's spawn, and if you can destroy their spawn your team wins...the teams are marines and aliens.

anyways, there's a bit of an RTS element to it, you guys might check it out or if you're playing it lemme know what server so we can hook up.

i play it. I kinda just go around servers now.

:edit: My in game name is either The Frag or silent_de4th. You gametiger.net to find me sometime.
I personaly like it alot. I own as the lerk...

I think, kinda like the UT2k3 game, we should have a game with a bunch of overclockers.
I play it, and I run my own dedicated 1.01 server for my clan, FreeBSD hosted off a high-speed line.
Good pings, and a great game :)
The IP for my server is

Most of the time it's full...and there are 4 reserved slots for my group...:)

Hope to see some of you there!
Downloaded this last night after seeing this thread and thought it was pretty fun...definately changed the basis of what most HL mods have been all about.

While I still don't really understand alot of what I was supposed to be doing, I did know enough to figure out we had a server full of guys that sucked at being Commander.

Going to read up a little more on it so I can get a better idea of the object of the game. Was pretty fun though.
If we have enough players, I could password my server and we could have it just for us OCers for a day or two...just let me know how many are interested, so I can set it up. My server should be able to do up to 16 players without major lag, as it's on a fast line.
Note: aliens dont have an commander. Only the humans do.

The mod is great, except for those people who vote out a good commander so they can screw everything up :mad: Im a kickass commander (as long as the team isnt all newbies and can shoot) but yet I get voted out because someone wants a gernade launcher/armor but the team has no money :rolleyes:
I personaly don't enjoy marines at all. I would much rather play as bugs. The whole flying/wall climbing thing is what makes them fun.
Yakbak: im intrested :)

Marines are only fun when you have a Team. The bugs are more of a Lone gunman type of thing as everyone has their own resources, not shared like the marines.
The Onos is almost an exact copy of R.H. Giger's Ox alien for Alien3. It got scrapped in favor of a Rotwhiler (sp?) Alien in the final movie though. It's a kickass mod at anyrate.
i want to check this out, but i no longer have half life :( . what are the weapons like?