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is this what my 3dmark score should be? is it good, bad, what?

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Mar 19, 2001
3606 at 1024/32bit,also, what is the "nature" benchmark. cause it says my hardware cant support it???is that a geforce 3 specific test or it there something wrong with my system?
Shadow ÒÓ (Jun 23, 2001 07:34 p.m.):
looks like a nice 3D Mark 2001. Is that what you're using?

2000 gives scores that are almost double.

yes, i am using 2001; also, i forgot to mention my system specs
asus a7v133
tbird 1ghz@1442
asus v7700 geforce2 pure
256 cas2 ram

the reason i asked this question in the first place is because a guy at work said he was getting a score of 8thousand something. he doesnt seem like one that would twist the truth, he must have been using 2000.
This is my score from 3D Mark2001


System Spec was:

Athlon Axia 1Ghz @ 1.4 Ghz
133 Fsb
Ati Radeon totaly overclocked and tweaked
1024 x 768 at 32 bit

The only way i could get this score was to severly cool the GPU.
This was done by putting bags of ice on the card. Yep ICE, making sure it was sealed in bags very well.

I have only done this once and intend not to do it again. There was a lot of heat produced.
Hey Vittorio, what was your GPU/RAM speeds?? I got mine @ 241/241 now, got it all the way to 250/250 but I got weird visual effects, like transparents green clouds with each gun shot in 3DMarks 2001..
Ok to get this score i had the Radeon clocked at 250/250. The only way I found to hold this at this speed was to basicaly freeze the GPU. But to get better scores without going down this path is to change the heatsink and fan on the GPU.

I have tried many different ways to do this, the best I have found is to attach a old Duron heatsink and fan to the card. You will lose the use of one maybe two pci slots. Also add some heat sink compound onto the GPU and hold the HSF in place with cable ties. You want the fan so run as fast as you can get it anything above 4000 rpm is good.

The next step is to added some more fans to the case. I use a full tower case.

I have one fan at the bottom front one at the back in the middle. Then comes the DIY bit, cut holes in the top to add two more fans the extract the air from the case. Then with the side panel in place add two more fans the blow air into the case. The best place is to get these positioned one blowing air over the AGP and PCI Slots and one over the processor.

I also have HD coolers running as well this makes a huge difference in drive speeds.

Thats about the best you can get for air cooling in my view.

Next is to overclock the system itself, I have an ABIT KT7A Raid. I have the memory running at 133 with CAS 2 and it all set to turbo. You can sometimes get better speed with it set to FAST.

The most important change I found was to change the AGP Appature to 32Mb. This makes a difference to. I am not sure why but it does.

Then is just a matter of tweaking the other bios setting and checking if the machine runs.
To try this just run 3dmark and run the two high detail tests. if it doesn't fall over or lock up then run the benchmark.

I am also running R3D Tweak to get more control over the graphics card. Just play with the settings and see what you can do. I'd love to see what results you all can get.