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Is Unix free??? Where can I get that if so..???

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Jan 4, 2001
See subj. At our university abis told us that unix and Sunos are not to get for free... Is it true...

Also, how can I upgrade a Best Linux 2000 from www.sot.fi for free, what should i download??? :(

Im a newbie @ unix&co.
There are a couple of minor differences, but just mainly in name.

When AT&T developed Unix, they licensed it out for a small fee, I think it was like $100 or something like that. Anyway, the University of California-Berkley was one of the schools that go a copy and made some changes, and added other programs and stuff, but these additions were added to AT&T's Unix, and almost every other operation system; stuff like TCP/IP, etc. BSD stands for Berkley Software Distribution, the part that distributed their 'variant' of unix.

So, in a nut shell, they are basically different in name, and price. And, you'll find that unix is unix where ever you go.
Well, the BSDs are quite a bit more involved than AT&T's Unix from the 80's... they also have none of the original AT&T code in them.
Hm, thanks ,but I know it....
Should i try to load a Debian kernel for update..? Where are other progs to get?
Debian doesn't make a kernel. They use either the Linux or the Hurd kernel.

If you install the Debian distribution, most all other apps you need are provided by them.

If you knew the difference between the BSDs and AT&T Unix, why did you ask?
Both the BSD and the various types of linux are unix-like OSes. The main difference between the two is things like Mandrake and RedHat are linux distros running the linux kernel, while the BSD's run their own kernel.
XWRed1 said:
Well, the BSDs are quite a bit more involved than AT&T's Unix from the 80's... they also have none of the original AT&T code in them.
I mean non-historical things.
Stryfe said:
Excuse my complete lack of Linux/Unix knowledge. What are the main differences between one of the BSDs, say FreeBSD, and something like Redhat or Mandrake?

AFAIK FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux are all seperate OSes. Redhat and Mandrake are simply varients of linux: they all use the linux kernel (perhaps slightly different between distros) and use roughly the same basic programs such as init, X, KDE, GNOME, Apache etc.

They differ usually in what extra software and configuration/setup tools are provided. Ie, SuSE has YaST, Red Hat has its own control centre, Mandrake has another setup/config program.

They can also differ in their method of package management. Debian and its derivatives use deb packages and most other distros use rpm.

Just a little fact , NCR now own the Unix :) . AT&T bought NCR and then let them go left them the Unix stuff.
solaris is or will be available for the x86 platform but not for free anymore they have started charging 90 dollars