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Iwill KK266-R + Thunderbird 1.2Ghz 'C' = No boot at 133fsb!?!

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Mar 19, 2001
Hopefully some of you guru's can give me something else to try here as I am starting to get stumped on this one.

I have the Iwill KK266-R Rev. 1.1 with Iwill's latest BIOS (March5th).
I am pairing this up with a Thunderbird 1.2G 'C' (AXIA).

I can get this chip to POST at 1.5G (13x120) but would get window protection errors. I am currently running at 12x120 @ 1.85 giving me 1.44Mghz. I have also ran the bus up to 132. This chip can take a beating.

Now, My problem is is that I cannot get it to boot (no beeps, nothing) with the jumper in the 133fsb spot. Iv'e tried playing with the multipler (factory unlocked) to no avail. I even penciled in the remaining L7 bridge to give me a default of 1.85v.

I called up Iwill tech support and the tech told me I had a bad CPU of all things even after I told him all of the above. *sigh* Hopefully one of you reading this will put more effort into this problem than that technician. Thanx in advance.

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I am guessing at 133 you set clock to 9 ???so you have 9x133=1200.I cant answer the question as to why it wont post,That is weird to be able to run at all those settings except what it is rated for.

My money is on a bad mother board,If that processor was bad I doubt it would run at the settings you are telling us.Can you get your hands on another chip ??of course a 133 fsb chip,Also did u buy it from a retailer or off the net.If you bought it locally bring that system down to them and have them tell ya the M/B or processor is bad.
Yes - did you reduce the multiplier to 9 or so?

Good - but did you boot at 9x100 all the way into windows, shut down and moved the jumper to 133?

OK- then there is another issue. First reset the bios with the jumper, just to make sure you have a clean start.

Now try the above again. If that does not no solve it I would make 100% sure that whatever you penciled on the chip is 100% correct and that there are no stry lines.

I would even remove the penciled lines they should not be necessary.

Now - try again all the above steps. If that does not do it and all your other components areok, then there is an issue with the mobo. RMA it with Iwill - just insist that it is the mobo, because you tried it with a frienbd's chip, and it's the same situation...
default multiplier is 9. Iv'e tried having it on auto for multiplier and setting it to 9. Iv'e also tried clearing the cmos when the jumper is on 100 and on 133 and letting the computer sit for an hour without the power cord plugged in b4 booting. Iv'e penciled in the remaing L7 Bridge to give me a default voltage of 1.85 (wich is does. also the only penciling i have done to the cpu). Iv'e booted at 12x100->reboot->9x100->reboot->shutdown->set jumper to 133 and still nothing (i also tried that with clearing the cmos b4 attempting to boot at 133).
I'm thinking its a bad motherboard too but I will wait till this weekend to strip the computer down to just its vid card and try again from there b4 rma'ing it. I'm not holding my breath though.
If anybody sees anything else I can try I'm all ears(or eyes as the case may be), otherwise, thanks for the suggestions. :)

Small update: I just flashed to Iwill's (turbo) March7th BIOS and had same results. This is the third bios I have troubleshot with so I doubt this problem is being caused by the bios. but who knows, the "C" chips haven't been out that long. Anybody else haveing problems with 'C' chips on this board?

look at the anandtech site for more details

your board automatically boots at the default bios settings for the chip (multiplier of 12*100=1200)

when you change the bios fsb to more than 100 fsb, your chip will boot the moment you hit the power button to 12*X
x=whatever you fsb is set at, THEN it will go into bios and change to YOUR settings

IE at 133mhz, you are really booting at a split second @ 1596MHZ, THEN it will change to your mulitplierxyour fsb settings <<<<IF>>>>> it can handle the 1596mhz foe just a split second to go the the bios

the anandtech site has the problem in more detail explained and the solution (watch out, chip mods needed!!!)

hope this info helps all of you! - jordan
that would be true if I had a "B" chip. But I have the "C" chip. Default multiplier is "9".
Well, I finally figured it out! It turned out to be because of my sound card. Wether it was the sound card or the fact that it was in PCI slot 5 causing me to not be able to boot with the jumper on 133 i'm not sure about. I probably should have tried to put something else in that slot just to find out for sure but i was just so damn happy i forgot about it. heh heh
For your information it was a Phillips Accoustic edge sound card and I am using an All-In-Wonder Radeon.
I am currently running at 1416Mghz (9.5x149) with fastest memory timings (w/ auto-interleave) and 1.70v. So far so good.
Thanks to everyone for their help. woohoo!