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maze2 and hot cpu

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Mar 12, 2001
I got a maze 2 last week and cpu temps aren't that great. I pushed the kt7a-r motherboard thermistestor up and it's touching the back of the cpu. I got a 1ghz tbird at 1135 (not axia) and temps were 25/34 with icy ice water. Should it be lower? When i use a radiator temps are 35/44 or so. Now with my bong it's 33/43. System temp is 32. I tried reseating the waterblock and it's flat on the cpu, I can even read the AMD Athlon imprint on the maze2, I even tried screwing the nuts all the way down and compressing the springs all the way. I have a magdrive2 250gph pump and 3/8" tubing But I am using generic thermal paste though, would getting some artic silver solve my problem? I emailed dangerden but no response, maybe their emails down.
Artic Silver should help lower the temps some. Are you using any water wetter in that system? That will help out. What fan are using on the radiator. And what type of rad is that?
I put 2 80mm's on a heartercore with broken apart fans as spacers. The radiator did get warm and warm air was comming out but idle was only 34C. I was also using water wetter.
What are your ambient (case) temps like? Looking at all the posts so far on watercooling, it seems that people's ambient temps are really high (i.e. pushing 30C). In cold ol' England my room temp is about 18C and my case temp is about 21C. Using DD Maze2 temps rarely even hit 30, and that's under full load when I've had the heater in the room on for some time.
My ambient is 32, I guess I shouldn't hope for anything lower than that. But I did try ice water and temps were 25/34. Your load temp you say is 30. I got central air and it stinks at cooling my room, maybe i'll get a window unit and try to drop my temps. What kinda thermal paste are you using btw.
AT a ambient of 32 your temps are 35/44. Thats pretty good!! Artic Silver II will help. Also I see ppl using higher capacity pumps.

I suggest you get an AC for the room and have it blow cold air on your rig.