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Mobo or CPU?

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New Member
May 7, 2003
I was using my comp normally then it just froze, i had done nothing before i was just chatting. Then it froze and i restarted it.
I asked my friend for help and we tried with a diffrent 3d card that we were sure that worked. Still nothing. The problem is that when i turn the comp on all the fans start but no immage goes on the screen, it stays in standby mode.

For a bout a month ago my comp overheated a few times untill i bought a new CPU fan... so im wondering if its my cpu or my mobo that was fried? or does anyone have any other theories?


Nov 29, 2001
have you tried clearing cmos? unplug the psu from the mobo? could be the cpu, or could be the mobo, or then again could be the ram.. any kind of beep or post code could help you out, as you can usually find the meanings of post codes for your particular board. make sure you have a system speaker connected and listen for beeps.


*edit* BTW, 1000'th post ^^^ :D


Jan 30, 2003
Atlanta, GA
juliendogg said:
have you tried clearing cmos?

/\ <--- This is what you should do. If not try these in this order and if that doesn't work try the next:

1. Clear the CMOS.
2. Borrow a proc from a friend and try it in your mobo.
3. Try you proc in another mobo.

This all I can think of right now, anyone else got some other ideas.