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More Fans, Where to plug???

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New Member
Dec 22, 2000
I have about 100 old cases with power supply fans in them, so I'm salvaging them.
What I need to know is how and where to pick up the 12 volts to run them.
Any help would be appreciated!

I took a lead off of the PSU and dedicated it to fans. Now whenever i need to add something just splice and solder into that lead or a wire coming from it. then cover it with white electrical tape so it glows under the blacklight. If you really wanted to be professional you could build a fanbus for all the fans, which looks nicer but is a whole lot of trouble and costs more.

Just a matter of what you want.

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The yellow wires coming out of the PSU ar +12V all the black wires are ground wires, If you don't feel like patching into a black wire you can use the case as it is also a common ground.
you can get a fanbus by cliff anderson on www.2cooltek.com it supports up to 4 fans each fanbus. its a pretty nifty contraption...hope that helps


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