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More RAM effecting Overclocking.

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Mar 20, 2001
Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma
Does more RAM effecting Overclocking?

I've been told my many people that more ram effective overclocking ability, but I've also seen some huge overclocks on systems with 1-2gig of ram, and, personally, I've not noticed any deteriment on o/c ability when I've upgraded my ram. So, in practice, does adding more ram REALLY effect o/c ability? Examples would be great.


Moderator #666
Nov 13, 2001
I honestly think that RAM manufactured these days
are of higher quality than those of...
say 12 months to 2 yrs ago. By far.

SDRAM, I would say, if not HIGH quality,
is harder to O/C.

Most systems now use DDR, and the stuff
we, as overclockers, buy, is 10 times better
than what we purchased a year, or longer, ago.

So, what we have now, is better RAM to overclock.

Hope this makes sence. Just my .02



Senior Member
Apr 27, 2002
wash dc area
the memory controller works like a traffic light. the more sticks you have the more work the controller does. this can have an adverse effect when oc'ing memory. of cousre there are a myriad of other considerations such a capacitence,inductance,chip ensity, cas latency,andvoltage.