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most restrictive part of a conventional loop? (less 90* fittings) + cleaning q-a

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Sep 2, 2021
My loop is sort of stuck between cleanings right now. I don't want to waste the new coolant on it so once that arrives I will dismantle the loop and clean the waterblock, drain the old coolant. So the point of this thread is to have a discussion about the best way to clean the waterblock, including the micro channels. Because I had the water block out about 2 months ago and cleaned it up as best as I could, but I didn't have a pressure washer or anything like that. The reason I suspect the heatkiller IV is the bottleneck culprit is because I cleaned it, as mentioned above, I so I know for certain there are no obstructions limiting flow, yet both of my freezemod pumps were pulling so hard ( they are located AFTER the water block in the loop order) that they created enough vacuum to collapse the post CPU tubing run, which severely limited flow. But I found a solution in zip ties. Every tubing run gets them this time around. Separated by about an inch, they restore the tubing to its original form and also prevents kinks. It also adds a creative element you don't see very often to the tubing as well.

I wanted to seek some clarity from experts regarding cleaning the water block effectively, because this is my first custom loop and I don't want to screw it up. Also if you have any tips about the best way to flush the loop as well, I'm all ears. I suspect vinegar would do the trick? lol

So as you can see here there about 283 zip ties holding everything together
When you had the block out, did you put inlet and outlet back the right direction?
When you had the block out, did you put inlet and outlet back the right direction?

Yes. I just double checked.
I have three pumps on this loop now so flow is not a problem right now. I might just leave it be.
I can turn the fans down to about 1000rpm and keep them there without having the 9900KF throttle. *that is if I keep the flow up strong enough to overpower the restriction*

Also, I took the waterblock apart two months ago and unfortunately stripped out one of the screws that holds the top part of the water block to the bottom. I barely put on any force and it stripped which was really annoying.

Obviously this is a major concern, but I got it as tight as possible and put it back in. Fortunately, the design and assembly of the heatkiller IV allows for the CPU to apply pressure to the waterblock, effectively closing off any leaks off by compressing the rubber seal between the top and the bottom of the water block. So it still works and does not leak. Im thinking a helicoil might be in order here.

Guys I don't know if this is just me, bc this is my first loop, but I wanted to say it's important to go back after month or two, and double check your compression fittings. I was surprised to see that most of them could be turned with a plyers at least 180*, sometimes more.
Sorry, I'm just hung up on the 3 pumps. Why do you have 3 pumps in one loop? 2 res? I can see two for redundancy or maybe it's needed for flow rates, but 3? What juice do you get out of that squeeze? I think this loop is overcomplicated at best. What parts is your 6x120mm's worth of radiator actually cooling?

Sorry, I know this is off-topic, but I had to ask....perhaps if you remove some of what may be unnecessary, the loop will look clean and be less restrictive. If you're simply cooling the CPU/VRM and a GPU, you can use fewer radiators, fewer pumps, etc. There is a point of diminishing returns. :thup:

EDIT: Im also not keen on the idea of using zip ties in your loop to correct the collapsing tubing problem. You're not resolving anything, just putting a bandaid on the problem (collapsing tubes). 283 zip ties is a joke, right? If not, it's a problem. I honestly think we need another thread and to start over from scratch with this loop. maybe get some details on what it's cooling, etc. I don't think we had that opportunity in your other thread. :chair:

EDIT2: Should have banned this guy when I smelled the rat weeks ago. This is a duplicate ID of a user who has been banned here multiple times for various reasons and keeps on coming back. :screwy:
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