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MSI K7T Turbo cpu temps

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Jan 16, 2001
Burnaby, B.C., Canada
Hi, all. Anybody have the MSI K7T Turbo m/b? The cpu temps read very high, I'm wondering if this is a sensor problem with this m/b. I've got a Duron 750 with a Chrome Orb that averages 5700 rpm, with a max flow rate of 25.45 cfm. It idles at 45C, with default voltage of 1.6, and reaches about 54C under heavy load. I've got it clocked now to 997Mhz (7.5x133), and it idles at 58C, and has been as high as 72C under heavy load at 1.8v. I've dropped the voltage back a bit, but haven't yet tried a heavy load on the cpu.
Even at the 72C mark, the h/s wasn't uncomfortably warm, I could wrap my hand around it. If you've got this board, please let me know your temps are! With the Aopen AK73 Pro, I was idling at 38C with the cpu at 750, which is why I think the sensor reads high. I don't want to go to water cooling, does anyone have a suggestion for a new h/s? Thanks!
Your reported temps are probably accurate. It's the Chrome Orb at fault. Hint: dump it ASAP, replace it with a non-Orb.
I have the same motherboard but with a 1 GHz TB and I idle at 46/47 and running SETI for hours at 50/51. I currently using a Cooler Master DP5-6H11. Lapping did not help, HSF just isn't good enough. I need to change it to something better but can't decide. Some other friends have the same problems same setup.
getting around ~45C with my FOP38 on this board. But of course, the ambient was ~35C(time to drill some holes!).