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My case and intresting info!

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Nov 12, 2001
So I'm ready to release a few pics at least heh... I started last year with just the WC setup dangling out the side of my computer.

There is still a good deal to do. Such as changing the LED in my klipsch's, keyboard, and Monitor all to the same blue as my power, HD, cdrw, dvd-ram and baybus. I need to add a grill above the radiator. Strip the ****ty UV paint off every part in the case <:'( and buy some that doesn’t SUCK. I'll be finishing the monitor fan mod by wiring it up to be temp controlled. Lastly I'll be doing a trick with two CCFL's that will absolutely rock your worlds! But that is going to take some time as when I wanted to start that project my bad that had the CCFL's in had been thrown around some and the CCFL's were both crushed <:'( again.

So on to what's done!

Village photos seems to be having alot of problems as of late...
the pics shoudl load, if not try the hard links. If THAT dosn't work here's my album link right here:
On to the pics!

hard link

hard link

hard link
I bet you all wish you had those awesome blue LED's that stream red laser light in straight lines <g>
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hard link
And now you all get to find out how my All-In-One fan actually works(not that anyone has cared<g>)

hard link

hard link
And finally this is my CPU and water temp(after radiator) WITHOUT the AIO fan running.

Hard Link

Yes it's easy to explain<g> so there isn't a fan blowing air through the radiator. See my post in Water Cooling: Airflow and its effect on our heater cores for my theory on "Minimum Flow".
Now how do I manage this without a fan moving air through the radiator? Well if you'll see the two inside pics you'll notice the path of airflow from case fans the intake at the bottom front moves straight back to the pump which is sucked out the back.
There IS negative pressure in my case without the AIO fan running.

Negative pressure I found out is how the radiator is cooling without the use of a fan. Air is being slowly sucked down into the computer. (Enough so that I can barely feel it with my cheek against the radiator) So the heater core is getting its "minimum flow" just in the opposite way.

And yall said negative pressure serves no purpose LoL! Apparently I've stumbled across a built in failsafe for my AIO fan.

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Oh yeah. My AIO fan. I call it that becuase it blows air in, blows air out, and blows air through the radiator all at the same time.
Who needs a hurricane? I can do it with a breeze. ;)


Ps Tony you asked about CCFL's on a baybus. Both of the dark inside pics the only differance is the CCFL was turned from amx to min. Take the patch of blue at the end of the CCFL and extend it farther towards the other side as you give the CCFL more power. Although like I said, I have no idea on what this dose to their service life.
Nice job.

Is that your radiator peeking out of the top there? Does it lie horizontally? If so, do you think it's more efficient that way as opposed to operating vertically?
More effectient? Never though abou it at all. That's just the only place I could feaasably put it. So yes that's my radiator on top.

Stopping to think for a second. If your entire setup was on the same horizontal plane then yes, you'd get more flow due to the water not going through a rollercoaster ride in the tubing. <g> As far as the core being on it's side? It if changes at all I would think that it would do better, just because it dosn't have to deal with gravity on the return side of the core. Even THAT dosn't make a differance. Heater cores are so effectient at moving water anyways.

The bad side that I can think of is that if you're not very good at getting air out, you you didn't fill the radiator before you put it up there. I can see air being perminantly stuck in the core that you'd never get out until you stopped it and filled the radiator.

I'm sure it makes no differance in the real world though. Any benifit of the radiator laying flat on top is negated by the fact that the pump has to pump uphill to get water to it.

So to answer the question. No it wont make any benifit at all in your system.
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Ummmm ok. This has tons to do with cooling. What kind of question is that?
Actually I think I can argue being in one of three forums.
This, Water and Alt. Because I'm giving info on atleast something of all subjects. a CCFL/baybus question was asked that I helped to answer in this forum. I posted elsewhere about the relitivly slight differance between my fan running and not.

I just put the answer to sevrial things all in one place. Sue me. <g> I'm sure we'll get warped over to another forum or thread closed if it was really bad.
(I hope I'm not asking for lightning to strike!)

Well thanks for the good comments! It's appreciated!

Thats a nice job you've done there mate :)

Question: This all in one fan...it spins one way then the other right? How is this accomplished? and does it effect your temps much compared to if it was only running one way.

Also how long does it spin one way before spinning the other lol.
Naw it's easy. It blows inward like a blowhole, but because of the 90deg ducting that is open ended quite abit of the air stays in the case. Any other air is just pushed out the top through the radiator. What's hillarious is that since I've discovered that I can run my computer w/o it even working(negative pressure sucks air down the radiator) I havn't even had it on whilst I'm sleeping! Not a big differance because I've already covered that it'll run jsut fine on a minimum of RPM.
That's a friggen awesome rig man.. nice job!

Few questions: What LCD display is that? And what heatercore is that?