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My Millenium Glaciator initial results

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Apr 3, 2001
I just managed to install a new Millenium Glaciator on my 1Ghz Tbird @ 1.1. Getting the old one off was the hard part. Thank you to those who responded to my post about how to get the old heatsink off and also the one about how to apply thermal paste. I used hardly any of it, just a thin uniform film.

The heatsink is heavy and the fan is pretty loud, but the ambient temperature is 34C (yes it is hot in here) and at no load the CPU is at 37C. That is very impressive, especially considering that in the dead of winter when the case was 20C or so the CPU was around the temperature it is now, with the old heatsink. At full load the CPU is at 47C, about 13C above the case temperature. When I turned it off with the old heatsink it almost burned my fingers so I guess the CPU was at 60C or so and that was with very little load.

The case is open right now. I am about to shut it down, close the case, and see what happens. I'll post again when I have more to tell.
thats very good for those temps. You will get great results if you can get your ambient temp lower.
Wanna buy me an air conditioner? That would get my ambient temperature down. :)
Now with the case closed, the case temp is 36C and the CPU is at 52. I don't think it can get better when the temperature of the room is above 30C.
What program are you using to test under full load? Play UT for 3 hours and see what the temp. gets to! :)
How are you measuring the temps?
I have a MC462. With room temps of 22C my CPU used to be 52C at idle with a coolermaster "approved" hsf, going to beyond 60C with prime 95. That was at 1.33 with the 1.33 AXIA. After installing the MC462 (AS II as heat compound) and some case mods I'm running at 1.53 GHz. The temps are 32C idle and 38C load Prime95 and Quake III Arena. The room temp is still 22C. So the delta is 16C from room temp at 1.53 under load. I however use the temp sensor on the mobo, so it might not be too accurate. But if I look at the difference from the standard cooler it is pretty good. I hope somebody will do a MC462 vs Glaciator showdown at 1.5 + speeds and with proper measuring tools and a scientific methodology. This will give us a proper comparison.

I think for the money the Glaciator looks like the better deal though. I hope Swiftech takes note!
When Andy comes through, I intend to do exactly that. I just picked up a 10 channel Fluke Digital Thermometer off of Ebay for $14.50! What a steal!