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Neat cabling?!?!?!

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Jul 4, 2004
I decided to go for the swiftech 8600 p4 kit but am considering buying tygon tubing. Which size do i need? Also, Since I am using a dual rad setup, is there any neater way to set it up other then the pic displayed below? Finally, how does one normally secure a tube? I have seen screws which screw in (koolance), plugs, plastic clamps, metal clamps?!?!?! which one is best and where can I get them? Thanks


May 11, 2004
West Coast
You can do a little better. The water shoud come from the rad and go into the CPU block. The way you have it know the water goes into the GPU and then into the pump, both of which add heat to the water, before it goes into the CPU.

For the power cables and other wires, you can sleeve them or hide them behind the motherboard.


The Half Asleep Member
Aug 29, 2002
Lewiston Maine
You can get rid of the "Y" fittings and possibly (most likely) improve your temps by running your lines this way: Pump-CPU-NB-Top Rad-GPU-bottom Rad-Back to Pump. I secure hose with screw type clamps but they also have fitted snap types and some even use Tye raps. As for what one is best it is up to your preference.
You can clean up the a # of ways
a) trimming off the useless ones
b) shortening them to the right lengths and sleeving them
c) finding places to tuck the extras behind (like Mobo tray or tucked in the support rails of the case)
d) use Tye raps / and sleeves or wire loom
e) buy shorter cables for ATA / Floppy

Also another way to clean up a PSU is to mod it like this one (I did it a few weeks back) all molex connectors and wires just screw in place so they can be added or removed at will.

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Dec 8, 2002
Suffolk, UK
I spy a worm drive clamp on the pump ;)

you should probably put them on the y connector to be safe. (or just use zip tyes or plastic clamps)


May 22, 2004
Gainesville, FL / Frankfurt Germany
put one rad in the front and have it be cooled by cooler intake air , maybe that will more evenly distribute the tubing.
You can also do the abvove AND put the second rad on a blowhole.
looks like you'll need tygon 3/8th id tubing. I dont know about those quick connects, maybe tygon will b etoo thick. IDK though.