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need advice

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Mar 13, 2004
ok so I tested around abit and have come to the conclusion that Im thermally limited

normally on the stock cooler with the a64 I can't get 2.2 or 2.25 stable. temps basically go up to 51c and prime errors (this all happens within a minute)

so to make sure I wasn't maxing out my cpu I let it cool down to 48c and was able to get it to 2.35 in windows (previously unabtanable)

let it cool down to 40c and was able to be in windows for about 15 seconds at 2.4

now at 2.4 my temps were skyrocketting so at the end of 15 seconds I think I was somewhere around 45-48 (guesstimate)

none of these are prime stable to my knowledge as if you were to run prime temps go up to fast. these were just tests to see max oc while still being in windows

so Im basicly asking for advice on whether with an slk948u with a tornado
or one of those xp-120's with some good 120mm fan. if I could probably get to at least 2.3-2.4ghz and be prime stable?


Aug 6, 2002
Having not owned a amd64, I don't know what the stock cooler looks like. But if I imagine it looks anything similar to the stock HSF that comes with XP products, and performs like it... any higher end hsf would allow much greater heatroom for overclocking.

Stock fans suck. Although I've heard of some warranty on the 64s that says you must use stock hsf... unsure if there is any merit to that though.


Senior Benchmark Addict
Feb 4, 2003
SF Bay Area
I think you could get at least 2.3GHz prime stable with a high end cooler. You may even touch 2.4GHz with a C0 if you're lucky.

I used to run my SLK948U with an old crappy fan pulled from a Gateway that's 10 years old. I used to get about 57 loaded with 1.7v past 2.3GHz. Once I switched to my Torin blower, the temps dropped by over 15C and it did wonders for my overclock as well. Cool it well, and the proc will treat you well.