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Need help please!!!

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Nov 22, 2001
Ok heres the deal I was installing my watercooling kit on my 1.2 tualatin, and it booted up fine but the temp was around 46c idle, so I shut it down to check everything to see why the temps sucked. Come to find out the clip was on backwards, but no biggie it started back up. Since there was already scrathes on the waterblock i decided to lap it and cleaN some of the ASII off the edges of the core with some alcohol, but when I put everything back together nothing would boot at all. The cpu still gets hot and everything spins up. My question is if the cpu is toast will it still heat up at all, and I have cleared the cmos and tried everything, and I know its the cpu cause im using a 667mhz celeron in there now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


3D God
Nov 20, 2001
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Have you tried putting a regular (even retail) hsf on it? See if will even post. If you've already tried or that doesn't work... is the heat spreader still on it? If not look at the die and see if anything is "missing" or "cracked" along the edges. Recheck your seating... perhaps you overlooked something. HOPE FOR THE BEST BRO :D