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Need Help with EPOX on board sound.

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Senior Member
Feb 13, 2001
Im trying to set up a Epox MB with a Turtle Beach sound card. I want to know if I should install the AC97 drivers for the on board sound, or not install them.

Under the Windows device manager, it shows the onboard sound as not installed, with the exclamation mark.

I don't see a jumber on the EPOX 8KTA3 board to disable the AC97 audio. Should I install the drivers for it anyway? Will it work with games and such, with both sound devices running? I didn't want to run the on board sound, in case they intefered with each other, or the on board sound using up CPU cycles.
I'm not sure about the EPOX, but if there isn't a jumper, there should be a BIOS setting to enable/disable the onboard sound(probably in Integrated Peripherals). I wouldn't enable it in Windows, because with your sound card there is a good chance it will cause conflicts. If you find you can't disable it in BIOS, in Device Manager, use "disable in this profile" for the AC97 codec. That way it won't keep showing up to annoy you.
Your right stool, I found it later on tonight in the bios, after slapping my forhead and saying "DUH!".
I guess I had a blonde moment! :D