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Need some advise.

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Senior Band Wagon Jumper
Jun 9, 2001
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
OK, like the subject says, I need some advise. I'm taking the plunge into the AMD world, and have pretty much figured out which CPU I'm going to be getting (Athlon 1200/266). A friend of mine will sell it to me cheap ($66 Canadian). I'm pretty sure I can get him lower but he needs the cash. Anyways, I'm undecided on which MB to get. I get Aopen stuff REALLY cheap, but I don't trust their MB's. After working with them for a year, I don't see them being a candidate. The other two manufacturers I can get from realatively cheap are MSI, and ASUS. I was wondering which you guys would recommend. They both have their good and bad boards, but I'm trying to figure out which one would run the most stable, and offer the most potential for OC'ing, and upgradeability. I'd like to go the DDR route if possible, but I'm still kinda waiting for prices to drop again. Normally they'd start dropping this time of year, but it being a weird kinda in between platforms for everyone, they seem to be holding back on dropping prices. Anyway, I got time and I can ride it out. Seeing as this will be my first AND rig, I want to take my time and build a really stable, solid system. I'm buying it piece by piece so I definately have time. So far the only thing I have to work from is a CPU, so the rest is up in the air thus far.
I love my MSI Dragon Plus. Been rock solid and a good overclocker.
havent had any problems with my a7v266-e , havent had long enough to go to the extremes, sill waiting on the t-breds, then its shopping time:D
Shuttle AK35GTR is also a nice board with raid and sound for less than 100$ and vcore up to 2.2v really worth it. I woud get this one or the Abit kr7a-Raid. don't know about the epox never try it but i've heard wonders the problem is that the core won't go farther than 1.85v
Hmmm... I'll look into the dragon. The other one I've been looking at is the MSI K7T 266 Pro-2 (with the raid option), and the Asus A7M266 which has an actual AMD chipset on it. Oh well, time to do some research. Thanks for the replies guys!