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New Ownership and Site Migration - Details Inside

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Jun 28, 2012
Dear Overclockers Family,

It is the dawn of a new day at Overclockers.com. For the first time since 2003, Overclockers Forums is independently owned and operated. As of this month, a small group of the staff (mdcomp, EarthDog, and myself) have acquired Overclockers.com, including the forums and blog.

A History Lesson

Some of you may remember iNet Interactive, who we worked closely with for many years. They were a relatively small shop that helped us keep the site running and supported the community. In 2015, it was acquired by a large media company called Penton. Then in 2016, Penton was acquired by Informa, a $1.5-billion, UK-based firm. Overclockers.com, like several other former-iNet sites, was never fully integrated into the Penton or Informa portfolio. Ultimately, we were not a strategic fit as Informa sites tend to target industry professionals, rather than consumers/enthusiasts. I had been waiting for years for this opportunity to present itself and we sprang into action.

After several months of back and forth, we were finally able to close the deal a few weeks ago. Informa has been helpful in keeping the lights on and supporting us for the past six months as we worked through the details. Big thanks to Informa!

What to Expect


The forums leadership will remain the same. Moderators will continue to run the forums and actively participate in all community decisions.

The blog will continue to be run by the same group of editors with key contributions from the community.


We will actively pursue partnership opportunities with relevant advertisers to help cover costs. Our vow is not to bombard the membership with advertising, we will do our best to retain the status quo in terms of the ad real estate on the page. One of the perks of registering for the forums will be limited ads for members, while guests may see additional ads.


To the best of our ability, we will continue to bring you product reviews, industry news, and how-to guides. As was customary in the old days, community submissions are encouraged. We will invest as much as we can in content that interests the community.

Some key initiatives are already in progress:

1. Affiliate Revenue - when you click on a link to Newegg, Amazon or another retailer, Overclockers.com will get a revenue share of any purchase you make. This should have no impact whatsoever on user experience but will help us to cover costs.
2. Server Migration - we will be moving to a new, dedicated server, completely separate from other Informa properties (details below).
3. Move to https - upon migration, we will be fully SSL/https compliant.
4. Better mobile experience - we will improve the mobile browsing/posting experience, be that through vBulletin mobile, tapatalk or some other means. This is still TBD.
5. Housekeeping - remove all iNet/Penton/Informa logos, optimize the site where possible, update software, etc.

How You Can Help

Contribute - Participate in discussions, post interesting news, share your opinions and be an active member of the forums.
Share - Tell your friends about the forums, share content on social media and just spread the word.
Volunteer - Want to write a review or editorial? How about donating web development expertise? Let us know if you want to help.

Long-term Values

We hope to adhere as much as possible to Skip, Joe, and Ed's original mission statement from 1998:

We are a team. We are a community. We are a fellowship made strong by mutual respect and shared dedication to the task of enriching all who come here. We are respectable, for we share our bounty. We will endure, for we continue to grow. We will continue to grow as long as those who come to us find what they need for their own betterment and the betterment of those who follow after them.

Although we share common interests, this place was always about being a community. We want to reinvigorate efforts around that:
  • Reach out to members who are no longer active - tell old friends about the recent changes to the site.
  • Support Benchmarking and Distributed Computing Teams - share our teams’ successes and efforts more broadly on the forums and externally to help grow membership (and retake #1 world rankings!)
  • Support/host meet-ups and events - nothing is more fun than 20 nerds in a hotel conference room with loads of LN2!
  • Reward members - recognize outstanding members more frequently with promotions to Senior Members. Tap into our manufacturer relationships for prizes for giveaways or members-only discounts.

That sums it up, we are almost certainly biting off more than we can chew. That is where you come in. None of this will be possible without the continued support of all the members (and guests) who visit Overclockers.com. We hope this can be a call-to-action, inspiring you, like it did us, to become an active contributor.

Scheduled Downtime

The migration to the new servers will begin on 6/30/2018 at 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. At that point, the entire forum will be locked so we can update the server we've been working on with all the latest goodies. We expect this process to take no more than a couple of hours and to be back online that same afternoon, just on shiny, new hardware!

Here's to all the years past and (hopefully) many more years to come!
- Austin, Joe, and Matt

Please report any bugs in this thread -> http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php/790998-Bug-Reporting
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Congrats all!!

Looking forward to staying with Overclockers at least another decade!
W00t! Happy to have been here for so long and help contribute in the past and looking forward to contributing even more!!!

Thanks to all the members for making this place a huge part of what it is! :)

EDIT: The Red color looks good with my avatar, Ohio State Colors (Sorry Blaylock!! :p)
Will the forum be staying on vB ?

For the foreseeable future, yes. At some point, we might decide to change forum software, but that's a discussion multiple years away at this point.
In the short term, we'll be updating versions to get to the latest security patches (vB 4.2.5) and doing other fixes just to get the place running with fewer issues.
W00t! Happy to have been here for so long and help contribute in the past and looking forward to contributing even more!!!

Thanks to all the members for making this place a huge part of what it is! :)

EDIT: The Red color looks good with my avatar, Ohio State Colors (Sorry Blaylock!! :p)

their colors should be grey, with a slightly darker shade of grey... because, Ohio.. or as my daughter calls it.. NOhio
Proud to be a member for the last 13 years and more to come. Always happy to help too.

Congratulations guys, you worked very hard for this.

That's outstanding news!

A huge thank you for stepping up and keeping this going. This forum has become a place to hang out with other like minded individuals. I am truly thankful to Matt, Joe, and Austin for dedicating so much of your time and money to keep this community alive.

Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help. I'm always here and always willing to help wherever I can.


Edit: Joe that red looks more like Crimson Tide red to me, not that that is any better. GO BLUE!
Whoo hoo! Congrats TEAM! I've been a proud member for years and am excited to see what will come next! Thrilled its going to people that care about this community!