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New System Power Requirements

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Dec 13, 2004

Corsair RMx 750
Intel 12400f
3070 Ti

I know I am in the clear with the above setup, but I wanted to pull two WD Red Plus drives out of externals and put them inside. I have read the spec sheet and it tells me average power use is 8.8 watts read / write, but nothing about startup power. Googling randomly, I find I should average about 25 watts per drive (so 50 total) at startup. (1) Is this about right?

(2) Should I be concerned with the 750x not being enough under max load (I know I may never get there, just hypothetically speaking, so I know where I stand)?

(3) Finally, I know I should use dedicated rails for my GPU instead of doubling up through one of the PCIe power cables, but is the same true for HDDs? I assume not, and that I can use a single PSU cable / rail to power multiple HDDs, especially since each cable comes with three sata connectors (though each PCIe cable comes with two, so there's that lol).

Thank you.
Your right about the PCIe cables for your 3070 2 cables per, your ok with using 1 cable for the HDD's. The power usage for the HDD's is very small compaired to the CPU and GPU.
I've honestly never worried about HDD spinning, even when I had a couple of raptors, a caviar black and caviar greens leading the charge. I also don't tend to size oversize my PSU as much as others and still never had a problem. You'll be fine! :)