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Now what?!!!

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Call me a newb man but I don't know what to look for in Event Viewer. I had just opened WoW when it crashed. Come to think of it it only crashes when I'm playing that game.
And you want to return hardware???

You look at the events that happened at the time of the failure. Something there may tip you off as to where the problem is.
I'm starting to think my PSU can't handle my new GPU/CPU/MOBO.
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Well, if you can't enable XMP without failure. it must be hardware.
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Well, it happens in Forza Horizon 5, and Doom Eternal too.
I already did bro. Set everything back to stock, except I enabled XMP. Still crashed.
Stock 'except' X...isnt stock...
I'm starting to think my PSU can't handle my new GPU/CPU/MOBO.
Can't be a GPU problem could it? Wouldn't see artifacts or something before a crash?

Please stop thinking... :p

WoW isn't an intensive game last I recall...try running a cpu stress test and gpu benchmark at the same time and see if the system shuts down. If so, your random thought on power may have some merit (in that there could be a psu failure not that 1KW isn't enough for your system.... it surely is - I run 22900k and 3090ti on 850w)
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Crazy ***.. This aint no Spice 1 homie but I like the help.. So much
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I guess I didn't mention since underclocking my new GPU, everything's been ok. So far.
So it worked fine before you reseated the cpu. After that, it started acting wonky...right?

Did you try running a cpu stress test and loop 3dmark? Did you try reinstalling gpu drivers? Reseat the gpu?