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[O/C]AMD Detailing Bulldozer at ISSCC

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Nov 1, 1998
More details coming out on Bulldozer this week, this article gives highlights and links to the AMD blog so you can stay tuned for more announcements from AMD as they happen. Pertinent technical specs on Bulldozer from the article:

The Bulldozer 2-core CPU module contains 213M transistors in an 11-metal layer 32nm high-k metalgate SOI CMOS process and is designed to operate from 0.8 to 1.3V. This micro-architecture improves performance and frequency while reducing area and power over a previous AMD x86-64 CPU in the same process. The design reduces the number of gates/cycle relative to prior designs, achieving 3.5GHz+ operation in an area (including 2MB L2 cache) of 30.9mm2.

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I once overclocked an Intel
Mar 3, 2008
Actually this gives you a lot of information. I wouldn't cast this aside without looking at it more deeply.

Improving the out-of-order Scheduler is a huge improvement in the speed of the CPU.


Glorious Leader
Nov 12, 2002
Rootstown, OH
It might be more balanced to say its an unknown improvement - it is likely a good thing, but hard to quantify impact for how that translates into everyday multitaskingge performance or even to certain tasks, until we have reviews or at least testing claims from AMD.

Either way, I am as happy as anyone to see Bulldozer buzz ramping up. A new generation chip is always exciting, and a bit more of a competitive product lineup would make Intel comparisons more interesting.


Jul 19, 2010
Can't wait to see the hard numbers on Bulldozer but at the same time I really hope that this isn't another AMD let down when compared to some of Intels chips.

Don't get me wrong I have used AMD from day one but constantly getting +1'd sucks.


Dec 28, 2009
under a heatsink
I've always considered AMD as the budget alternative to Intel and I treat the performance accordingly. A $200 1090T is better than pretty much anything Intel has at the same price, especially when comparing motherboard prices. Maybe Bulldozer will finally be something that can match up to Intel all across the price range. It'd be cool to see a $1000 Bulldozer super-chip going neck and neck with a $1000 Intel next-gen chip. Only time will tell. :blah: