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O/C Asus V7700 Pure

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Cory-Athlon Man

Apr 30, 2001
Adrian, MI, USA
I have run it at 200/405 and on down and it seems to run fine at the higher mem clocks for a while......say for 2 to 3 timedemos. Then I go to lower settings and it runs unstable. Then I let it cool down a bit and clock it back up. Run a few more Q3 timedemos, and the low settings score higher than the O/C ones. WTF is up with this? My personal guess is that the mem is just getting too hot after the first O/C and is still hot after it is set back down to run stable. Please let me know what you think. Peace. :)
You are on the threshold of video failure at 405. I ran a lot of bechmarks with Q3A and found that as I approached the upper limit, prior to lockup, the FPS would drop quite a bit, but when I dropped the clock speed back 10 Mhz or so the FPS would jump back up. I also lapped my stock HSF and GPU, neither of which were flat by any means. I recently replaced the stock HSF with a Blue Orb (lapped of course).