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[O/C]Lian Li PCQ-06 Benching Station Review

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Nov 1, 1998
Lian Li PCQ-06 Benching Station Review
by Jeremy Vaughan (hokiealumnus)

Lian Li is known for killer cases. Mostly all aluminum, they can border on works of art. When they approached us about reviewing a benching station it took me by surprise. They have released a couple new benching stations, the PC-Q06 and the PC-T60, the former of which we'll be sinking our teeth into today.

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Nice review hokiealumnus, very nice looking Benching Station, though also the ATX plate would be better if it had cable slots in to facilitate cable routing,
and as you have stated HDD isnt easily accessable
Thanks Jolly! I like the little thing a lot. I'm not sure how much holes in the tray would help really TBH. There isn't much room around the MB in the first place. If the HDD issue was addressed with an easier solution, it would be pretty darn close to perfect.
Thanks! Definitely one of the cleanest (and tiniest) benching stations I've seen.
Am I the only one who thinks this is totally useless? Now people who bench aren't very stingy. Be it with voltage, with cold or with fans. Since when have we started caring about how the station looks, or how small it is? I would never, ever ever ever buy something like this. A good ol' motherboard box is and always will be enough.

On a non-biased note, the wire management could be improved and I'm not digging the motherboard hanging over the edge much. Tipping + Ln2 = very, very bad.
You're not the only one, no. If you feel the urge, you can read through the feedback at XS.

If you are in need of saving space while benching (i.e. you want it all on your desk), this is a good solution. It's also good as a test bed, albeit the HDD issue is a strong annoyance. If you don't need to save space, I would go with something larger, yes.

Regarding the tipping, you have nothing to worry about. See the question & answer from the XS thread:

El Gappo said:
<snip> the fact it looks as if it would topple over with a big pot on it. <snip>
It actually wouldn't. Two of the mounting screws are where the CPU socket is, or just inside it. I had the same concern when seeing how the tray fit on there.

So...I put the benching station on my workbench, put one hand on the area where the CPU socket would be and the other on the stool at the bench. After lifting myself up (albeit for a very brief period...basically push up, feet off ground, release immediately; didn't want to crush the thing) and seeing that it did not, in fact, tip over, I was satisfied. Plus you'll have the video card(s) helping offset the pot's weight, for what that's worth.