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ok this is weird

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i gotta 1 Ghz T-bird socket
and it's air-cooled and usually runs between 45-55 underload and depended on how much i o/c it

so i figured i'd put another fan to blow cold air on it and i did this
and now it's o/ced to 1.44 Ghz (the fastest i got it besides using my friends watercooling) and it's 29 degrees or 31-32 degrees underload.

so i tryed 2 start it at 1.45 and it went 2 the xp little gray bar and it froze. so i think i need more voltage and i am at the highest voltage setting for this mobo (A7M266). so i think if i can get my voltage alittle higher i can get more speeds. any suggesttions?
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You can try a voltage mod on your motherboard and that may work. Otherwise you can drop your FSB or your multiplier down until you know its stable and you found your magic number. Good luck.
do you know where i could find a volt mod??? and this mobo won't let me change the multiplier :/
Ok, this question might seem a bit stupid, but I've got to ask:

Are you sure it is the mobo that prevents you from raising the miltiplier? Have you unlocked your athlon? I haven't got much experience with asus cards, but this is the first time I've heard about a mobo that have locked it's multiplier. I don't even know if a mobo can lock it, cause then it wouldn't be able to handle more than one singel processor, f. instance a 10*100 tbird, but not a 12*100 tbird. Seem weird to me...

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