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On your mark…get set…

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Mar 11, 2002

Well the good news is that I am listed now. After 24 hours of running 5 Processors I have whooping total of 1 WU to my name. Not really what I expected. In fact, it seems that all my machines are going to take 24 hours to complete their first assignments.

Of course I know I have done more than that and I am sure there is a considerable delay in updates. What I don’t understand is the point system.

The 1 WU I have credit for gave me 4 points. So what does that tell me? Was that a tuff one or am I poking along? I have read the FAQs and stuff, but still don’t get it.
The points system rates proteins by how long they take to complete on a 400Mhz celeron. 1 point is supposed to equal 1 day. This is a way of evening out the score as an attempt to accurately score the work that you contribute to the project. There are some wu's that can take more than a day or week(on some systems) and they are scored higher while there are some wu's that can be done in a matter of hours. They receive a lower score. The scoring is more important statswise than the number of wu's.
4 points means you had a tough protein :)
Thanks, that was the plain English I was looking for. Kinda funny that all my systems are getting those long ones, though.

I need to try to get that viewer running again (forget the name). I didn’t have time to mess with it last night. I hope it can give me an idea on how well each system is running. Right now it seems that the Dual Celeron 500 system is cranking out more than the others, but I don’t know if that’s because it has easier WUs (I am running 2 sessions on the system).
If you mean Foldmonitor you can get it here http://users.neosmart.com/hruzaden/folding/download.html

Make sure to download the "New exe/does not require Perl" version. Some of the versions require that perl be installed on your system or they will not work. :)
The dual celeron should do nicely but you will get the biggest production from an amd system on a mhz to mhz level. It seems like this client was made for AMD. The funny thing is that Intel sponsors the program :D