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One of my 120mm fans seized...time to replace the set of 3...:(

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May 4, 2011
Well...I've been wanting to replace them anyways, but i digress.

So, One of my intake 120mm fans which were swiped from my old nzxt phantom case finally bit the dust and siezed up on me.

No noise, no warning, just stopped. Tried swapping the connector to verify it wasnt a channel on my fan controller; nope, fan still out of comission.

I'm looking for an orange led fan to replace the set of 3 that is quiet, while sporting good airflow to put my case into a positive pressure.

I have been eyeing these for awhile, but videos really don't do it justice, and they advertise it as being "Red".


The noise level is absurdly low for the amount of cfm advertised, but I'd like other opinions.

Push comes to shove I'll buy some orange leds and do a bit of solder work and replace the red leds with orange, but I really want to avoid that if possible, mostly due to extra costs of buying the leds. Budget is not very high, which is another reason I ask for help; $15 a fan is steep.

UV reactive orange sleeving is a BIG plus btw.
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The fans look fine. There are variable LED fans about, but they are expensive. 1000 rpm is what you want. 1200 rpm is OK.

Remove your rear "grill." It blocks a lot of air. Cover the edges of the removal area with heavy tape so no one gets cut. That way you don't build up any pressure in your case.

I startted doing this years ago. Here is an ancient example.
So you are saying "aim for neutral pressure?"

I can get that by adjusting the knobs on my fan controller, but I was looking more for recommendations for orange fans that were 22dbA or less, 120mm fans.

The ones I linked were orange in the blades and pads, but use red leds, and they advertise it as being red.

I have 3 of these: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V3ZW0885 for my exhaust fans. I got them at ~ 12 a fan. But upgrading all 6 fans was out of my budget, so I had to delay buying the 120's, as I already had 3 working 120mm fans. I could get the 120mm version of these fans, but they aren't very bright.

All I want is for my system to run orange led fans, but they are very few and far between. The Red, Green, and Blue are the common ones.
In theory, of course, you have a small positive pressure. That pressure is relieved by the large hole in the back of the case. You can't really replicate this with fans. It's actually cheaper and quieter to do it this way: fewer fans.
Okay, That noise level to cfm on those aren't great, but that is a very good deal. Its on the list of fans to choose from now at least.

Has anyone used the fan I linked in OP? would you consider it to be a Red color as they advertise? If they are, would you say a dark red, or closer to orange? Ive seen videos, of course, but cameras pick up light differently from our eyes.