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Ooofff. The heat wave is taking a toll.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
We have four (4) teams chasing us down. CERN of course along with EPFL as usual. Our European friends of the Czech National Team has shown up along with Intel. Perhaps Intel is tesing out their new GPUs? Over take times range from almost 1.5 years to near 30 years so we have time to adjust.

Now, like many of you, I've reduced my output for a bit. I shut down my 3080Ti that's in our office at home. I'm still running everything in my basement which is cooler and away from living spaces. Reduce my electric while others have to power on air conditioners. Seems like the responsible thing to do for my community as a whole. Helps keep my costs down a bit too. Now my cats aren't pleased with this but they can go out and get their own jobs and money and pay their own bills for once. I think I'll be fully back up sometime late next week maybe. We'll see.

The point of that is that we all have to consider other things than just F@H. F@H is important and I want to put full power to it but more immediate things need to take precidence on occasion. I'll be back as I know the rest of you will too. We will do our best to "punish" much larger teams and we are.

Top 15 are earning 1 million ppd+
Top 6 are earning 10 million ppd+
Top 2 are earning 20 million ppd+
HayesK is earning over 35 million ppd

Ave_Regina has earned 2 million. Thank you very much.

It's summer and stats slow down. That's the truth of it all. Stay tuned and in touch with the team while you're waiting for more favorable weather. We'll keep folding and keep applying preassure to the other teams until fall.

Thanks guys. Stay healthy and hydrated and we'll check in again next week.