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opening my psu.

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Apr 26, 2001
id like to know if there is a problem on removing the psu upper panel and let it work this way inside the case.
i tried that because my case has no exhaust space to add a fan so removing that panel from the psu would make its fan to work also as an exhauster fan, helping to remove the hot air from inside the case.
is there a problem on doing that?


Mar 13, 2002
Montreal, Quebec
Don't think it will cause any long term problems. I have taken off top panels from PSU's to clean out dust and oil the fans. I had to let them run without the panel on the top to make sure that everything was OK.

Their are TWO things to consider: 1) This will VOID your warranty on the PSU. 2) There is the possibility that you may make a circuit if anything conductive gets into the psu and touches anywhere on the case.

Just make sure nothing can get into the workings of the PSU and you should be OK.

Of course you do this at your own risk and I personally would not run my PSU for any length of time without a cover. That is just my opinion.

A better solution for exhausting hot air would be to cut a hole in the top of the case near the PSU and install a fan. IF it won't fit on the inside you can always attach it to the outside.


Jul 31, 2001
isn't the psu pulling air from the case? so i don't see how opening the psu would help any. unless i'm reading you wrong.

i don't think opening a psu is generally a good idea. not horrible, but just not good. do you really wnat to risk it? i ended up buying a new power supply instead of screwing with the insides of my other one, and i think it was worth the $10 more it cost to get a new one and sell the old one.

just my opinion though