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Overclocking Radeon 9000

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Captain Hilts

Sep 5, 2002
Toronto, ON
I have read some other threads and have come across some discussions about not being able to overclock the Radeon 9000 cards. Does anyone know exactly how this has been done, and if it is possible to get around it somehow?
I don't have a 9000, but you mean you cannot use Powerstrip to overclock it?
I use powerstrip and haven't had any problems overclocking my 9000 Pro. I can't overclock it like I want to, but they are overclockable cards.
I am using powerstrip to o/c my radeon 9000pro and it runs stable at 300/320.
I'm referring to the 9000 cards only, not the 9000 Pro. Here is a quote from digit-life.com that mentions it,

"Moreover, according to the Radeon2.Ru, only the RADEON 9000 Pro is overclockable and allows for a performance boost. In case of the RADEON 9000 overclocking is allowed by the appropriate program, but no speed is gained. Such a tricky approach is used mostly for manufacturers to prevent turning cheaper RADEON 9000 chips into the Pro version at the expense of just more expensive memory. For details go to the above mentioned site."

And here's the link the to thread that I pulled it off of (the thread doesn't contain any more information about it though),

I wana oc my card...waaaaaahhhhh!
WTF, is it BIOS or is it Voltage, and why in gods name arent tthere new BIOS out there already? I need to oc!
Is the Radeon 9000 AGP8X

I'm planning to get the Radeon 9000 128MB OEM. But I need to know if it's AGP8X.
Do you guys get any prefformance diffs from ocing???? Dag nabit.....ive totaly pimped out my card and still no oc! ive got ramsinks, a corb.......all for NOTHING!