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New Member
Jan 12, 2001
I am new to this game but keen to learn! im running P3 450 with an sy6vba133 board. My current cpu temp is a stable 91C, ive been told this is ok. Can someone confirm this? im wanting to try and push for about 550 but daren't while the temps this high.
Allan Nielsen (Jan 12, 2001 09:49 a.m.):
91C??? Don't you mean 91F? 91C is WAY too HOT! 91F seems better though, and is much more likely!
No sorry that was right 91C, took the sink off re-seated rebooted and low and behold a stable 65C. Is that better? Also could there be any chance of permanent damage with the temp going as high as 95C(it has done)
Your temps are way too high! Yes it could be causing damage. I start to show concern when my temp makes it to 40c anything over 50c can cause damage.
How well is your case ventilated?
Do you have a case fan?
Those temps sound like AMD numbers, not INTEL!
I'm running a celeron600 at 30 degrees celcius idle and no more than 60 under full load!
Check this out
www.2cooltek.com and look at case mods 001
then look at the others
the first one is funny as hell