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P4PE or BD7-II?¿?

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Apr 5, 2002
Barcelona, Spain

I'm getting a 2.4b chip, DDR 400Mhz from Corsair (XMS) and plan to overclock to at least 3.0 Ghz (or how much I can with the CoolerMasterIHC-L71 without going extreme).

I'm doubting whether to get the BD7-II or the ASUS P4PE.

The BD7-II is around the same price here as every other motherboard (175$). For some reason they all fluctuate around those prices.
To get a PE I'd have to wait a while or find a website that sells online to europe and that can ship in one week max. The Albatron mb is absolutely dirtcheap in the US (95$) so I could pay shipping. Problem: i haven't been able to find anyone willing to ship to europe.

the real issure here is whether or not the BD7-II will let me max out the 2.4b chip and the 400Mhz XMS memory from Corsair. If it does, then I can get it right away. If not, I'll have to wait a week or two for the P4PE to get here.

Please answer!


Jul 21, 2002
Make sure you use only one stick of the DDR400, 256Mhz or 512Mhz. I have the same board and I "was" using Samsung DDR400. The Intel Chipset would not allow me to two sticks of 256MB PC3200 along with a 2.53Ghz 533FSB PIV. When I had one in the slot, a 256MB stick, the system would max out at 146Mhz FSB which in my case translated to 2X196=392 for memory speed. Close but, not close enough. Others may/will have different experiences.
BTW, is it a 400Mhz or a 533Mhz FSB CPU you plan on purchasing?


New Member
Oct 24, 2002
I'll vouch for Asus. I just installed a P4PE-L to replace my POS Epox 4BDA (2nd one) and I'm running a [email protected] (150Mhz FSB) with 1 stick of Samsung PC2700 at 400Mhz DDR (2-2-5) out of the box.