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Power for water pump? How to . . .?

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May 24, 2001
So now I've got this water cooling rig all put together, but I want to ensure that the water pump doesn't somehow get turned off while the PC is still going. Anyone have any ideas?

Just to make it difficult, I also want as few external cables as possible. How about 1 for both PS and water pump? Oh, and has anyone retrofited a monitor pass-through on an ATX power supply?
There's this guide right here that describes how to hook up a relay to automatically turn the pump on when your computer goes on. My pump is DC (blows on hand and brushes shirt :) ), so I didn't do this myself.
Plug pump and comp into the same powerbar . Tape the pump plug into the bar for that little extra heatbreak prevention.
My first setup was a Aquastealth with a 110 volt pump and I did the relay thing. My second setup has a 12 volt 500 gph pump that I have hooke directly to the power supply so it comes on with the computer.