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Power hungry programs!

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Jun 20, 2002
Quebec, Canada
Wow, when i looked at EM this morning when I go to the office, it was predicting wu completion around 11:30. Went through my regular routing of getting coffee, and whatnot, sorting though papers, opening the programs I need, and it was still predicting the same time. Now, after 4 hours of working on the machine (mostly SQL queries, and web page tweeks, and a few compiles of various programs in Delphi, I'm looking at completing the WU closer to 12:30.

Delphi has only stolen 7 minutes and some odd seconds compiling. The rest of the time, it's sitting there acting like a bloated version of notepad, Visual Interdev has nothing for CPU time, same for Query Analyser... That leaves the real CPU thief to be @#$%^&* IE. unfortionatly, I shut the browser down too often to get a real idea of the amount ot time it steals. Too bad Mozilla can't break through to the outside world, and the company site is designed for IE ONLY :(
I ran my systems 24/7 and usually forget or don't bother closing IE, even if I'm not doing anything on the system I still get better times when IE is shut/minimized than when the window is open, same is about IRC, I think that if you know u'r gonna leave the PC for a while, always remember to minimize/close all the running windows, and just be left with the desktop
I'm glad you brought this up. I noticed the other night that even light browsing can make a difference(15-20secs a frame). I remember seeing a thread about how to extract the IE junk and running Opera. I might have to look into it tonight.