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Power Supply any good?

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Feb 22, 2002
New York
I just ordered a Codegen 400 Watt power supply now I am a bit worried I should have done my research.

Does anyone know if this is a decent power supply? I will not be doing much OC'ing so that is not my concern mainly stability
I never heard of it before but if your not going to overclock it it should be fine. Check the specs on it to see if it compares to other PSU's. I've done the same thing and not research properly and have got burnt. Maybe someone else knows.
Some "Generic Cheapos" are actually very good. Personally
I still like the beautiful PC POWER & COOLING TURBO COOL 600.

I have some Codegen Power Supplies, I am having any real
problems with em, I would say they are somewhere in the
Most will agree that the top three PSU manufacturers are
1. PC Power and Cooling
2. Enermax
3. Antec
In that order also. I have used all three and can testify to their performance, although you guys are right, generic PSUs will work fine. They wouldn't sell if they didn't. When it comes to overclocking though, things change. Volt mods draw more power and at higher speeds when things become less stable a lower-noise/ripple PSU line can be the difference between a night of burning in with Prime95 and a lockup after 5 minutes. For average users a cheapo PSU will work well but for an overclocker I recommend something more. If you want stability at high overclocks then you just can't entertain the idea of a bargain PSU.
I system will be ultra stable I am not shooting for a strong overclocking but maybe you are right though I payed 32 bucks for it not sure if that is alot? The only problem is selling it.
wait no I checked this I didn't pay 32 for it. I payed like 57 I was mistaken I forgot this baby is a 400 watt