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Power supply fan dying.

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New Member
Apr 8, 2008
Hey guys, I currently have a Coolermaster Igreen 500w power supply in my Antec 900 rig. However, as of late, the fan has been making more noise than normal. When I first made this rig approximately 1 year ago, it was completely silent.

Being the idiot that I am, I've opened the PSU ( voiding the warranty), taken out the fan and placed some oil around the blades and motor. I've placed it back into the case and I'm still hearing that irritating noise.

I've looked all over the internet for a 120mm two-ball fan PSU fan but can't seem to find one anywhere. ( Keep in mind i'm from Australia)

Would it be viable to replace the PSU fan if I can ever find one, or should I just buy a new PSU? Money isn't an issue, so either way is really fine, I just don't want to throw something out that can be repaired.

I'm thinking of buying a Corsair HX620W power supply if I do venture down that path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Especially with links to a website where I can buy a replacement fan. :)

Thanks in advance guys.
Yes, I made sure that the fan wasn't touching any wires.

This is the message I had just recently sent Coolermaster.

I'm currently having problems with my PSU fan and I believe it's less than a year old. I didn't want to claim it under warranty so I've opened up the PSU, taken out the fan, oiled the blades and motor, put it back into my case, and I'm still having problems with it.
I'm aware that i've voided the warranty on the PSU, however, I really like this PSU and don't want to replace it. Is there any where I can buy a replacement 120mm two-ball fan?

And this was their reply

Dear John:

Thank you for your email.

We don't have the PSU fan as the product, so we don't know where to buy it in AU. In fact, we won't open it out even we know it's defective.
The i-Green has 3 years warranty and you shouldn't take the fan out by yourself becasue you could replace another new one from your PSU purchased store when it was under the warranty.We can only recommend you buy another new one or find the PSU fan in AU by yourself.

So yeah, now I'll spend the rest of my afternoon finding a PSU fan for this type of PSU In aus. If i'm unsuccessful, I'm simply buy a new PSU.

Personally, I think it's pretty silly of coolermaster to not stock fans on their own. I might just go with the Corsair.
Realistically any fan the right size will work. Coolermaster power supplies aren't that great though so unless you're strapped for cash I would take the opportunity to upgrade to something a little better. Corsair would be a great choice.