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Power Supply for 172 W pelt

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Jun 12, 2001
I am waiting on a 172 Watt peltier unit to arrive (ordered from DangerDen after all the good reviews on this site). My question is, where can I locate a PSU for the pelt? I thought an old computer psu would work, but after reading comments in this forum, it looks like that won't be enough. So, any of y'all gurus got some advice for this newby? Thanks in advance, I'm already hooked on this stuff.
You will need a 20 to 24Volt /15Amp psu for that pelt. That's a pretty big piece of kit, it's likely to be to big to fit in your case so you will have to mount it external. I have the psu for my pelts sitting next to my case, you can put it wherever you like but try to keep the wires quite short to keep the voltage drop to a minimum.
That's cool, I don't mind putting the psu outside my case, but where can I look to find a psu like you are suggesting?
You can forget about using a computer PSU for that 172w pelt. It would take at least 4 of those 230watt units to even have a remote chance. 2 sets of 2 in series to get 24v then those 2 sets in parallel to increase the amperage.

I don't recomend doing this as a faliure can take out your whole system, get a good psu that is up to the task. There are many good cheap 12 volt options but we are talking 24v here. I use a TE Technology PS-24-12.5 supply for my 172watt pelt. It is not big and fits inside the case very nicely. It is the one in the upper left of the pic here http://www.tetech.com/power/ Warning these are not cheap but they are a great incase solution!

I have also used an Astron power supply for tecs to. I have one it is really for ham radios, cb's and that sort of thing but they are top quality and have a lot of power. The one I have is 12v but they also do make 24v units. These are benchtop psu's and will not fit inside your case. Check out Asron 24v psu's here http://www.astroncorp.com/w28.shtml

I do not know of any cheap 24v psu's that will do the job, maybe someone else here does? I do know of sevrel cheap 12v solutions and a 156w tec would work great with them.
The 172 watter has a Vmax of 24.6 volts and an Imax of 11.3 amps. Everything I have read about this tec says that maximum efficiency is met by running it at 80%. I plan on running it at 18volts @ 9-10 amps. This supply is adjustable so I can fine tune it to the pelts "sweet spot". It also sports separate volt/amp meters , is reasonably priced (well relative to others I've seen) and somewhat compact. I bought it here...http://www.alltronics.com/
excellent info bro !!!!!!!!

having seen this, i think ill re-order and get te 156watt and spend the 250.00 towards the new palomino!!!!

think the 230 watt psu will run the 156 watt pelt?
mudguts (Jun 12, 2001 08:38 p.m.):
I bought it here...http://www.alltronics.com/

Hey Mudguts, that shounds pretty sweet... Is this the model on the website?

Input voltage: 105-125VAC 60 Hz. Output voltage: 0-20VDC, front panel adjustable.
Output current 10A maximum. Brand new!
95E020 $159.95 each
Yeah Neptune , thats the one...sorry my link didnt work. I have not had a chance to use it yet as I got caught up in the quest to make my own flow indicator. It meets all the requirements unless you plan on using two 172 watt tecs in a DD maze 2+2. Id like to see the ps that runs that rig!
Sweet.... Going to order it right now.

I just hope my room can handle all this equipment. We'll see i guess....
Neptune (Jun 14, 2001 03:33 p.m.):
Sweet.... Going to order it right now.

I just hope my room can handle all this equipment. We'll see i guess....

I know what you mean..I live in an apartment and my wife ******* at me because of all the stuff I got in the kitchen..heh heh
Not yet..Ive been busy trying to come up with a plexiglass flow indicator that is flush mounted on the front of my case..its gonna be sweet when Im done..also my cousin has recruited me do some work on his 86 Volvo 240. Ive been laggin on setting it up...how bout you?
I havn't got mine yet... alltronics has them on backorder so i'll be lucky to get mine by the end of next week. Out of curiousity, how big is this thing? The guy at the alltronics says it weighs about 25-30 pounds....
Its about the size of a large toaster ..not that big really and as for weight...I put it on the bathroom scale and it came in at approx 20lbs. Nice little unit...when you get it and see the box it comes in your gonna says...whoa momma!...its huge!..but its mostly syrofoam packing in there.