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Problems with Samsung DDR 3200 and P4B533-E

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New Member
Oct 25, 2002

I have Asus P4B533-E with 1.6 P4 NW.
I got 2x256Mb Samsung (single side with -TCC4 chips) DDR.
When I put both memory in mbd I have stability problems at any
FSB. With one stick everything works perfectly.
With my old 2x 256Mb Samsung DDR 2700 everyhinh works OK.
I tried with new 1011e bios (also with 1009e) but nothing.
Are there any workaround or bios option to help me ?


I've read in quite a few posts that people have experienced problems running the Samsung sticks in the P4B533 boards.

The only way to rectify this problem will be for you to either replace your 3200 sticks with another brand, or get a new motherboard.

IMHO I would recommend that you get a different brand of RAM since I think that the motherboard is one of the best ones around.

I have a stick of Samsung PC3200 and it STINKS to high heaven. I cant even get it to run and SPD setting on any mobo at even 150 FSB. its just crap memory as far as I am concerned.
I have the P4b533 as well running samsung 333@420 It is a single stick of 512. It will only run at that speed in the first dimm slot only. In the 3rd dimm it won't even post, in the 2nd dimm it gets to the welcome screen and hangs. perhaps that may be your problem as you said one stick works fine. just my experiece anyways. Hope that helps.