Production suddenly drop?

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Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
I'll watch out for it , but my PPD has been very good (Linux Upgrade). My drivers are the newest.


Dec 25, 2001
I really need to pay better attention, I remember noticing a drop in production, probably about the time you posted this, but somehow missed the post. I had assumed at the time it was just "tougher" units or something. Check the logs and sure enough, no cuda. Tried to update the drivers, and they continually failed. Not surprising, my windows install was borked and had stopped being willing to upgrade a long time ago. Finally had to take the time scavenge the system for any important data and do a clean install on a new nvme drive I'd had for a while, just been too lazy. Naturally, that didn't go smooth, but a few hours, an updated bios and a lot of cussing later I got it done. I hate windows. Did see as high as 3m ppd on a unit afterwards.

Thanks for posting this.