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Question about Overclocking i7 920.

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Jan 3, 2010
I've just overclocked my Intel i7 920 D0 (Full specs in sig) and I was wondering how do I go about the 24 hour stability test, which program should I use?

I'm currently using wPrime for a benchmark and to get CPU load to 100% etc

Idle Temps are : 33 / 37 / 36 / 32
Max Load Temps are : 56 / 52 / 55 / 52

(Click the image for a larger scale)

Also, if it passes the 24hr test, should I go higher? Whats the risk?


Senior Moment Senior Member
Nov 11, 2001
linx or intel burn test will do pretty much the same thing for stability in a fraction of the time. if you can linpack you can do about anything.


Jan 11, 2010
I usually just do prime 95 for stress testing/ stability
ur temps seem good and you can keep pushing if you want intel describes in their "Processor Thermal Profile" for a safe temp for your i7 at 130w to be 67.9 C

you'll read most people generally say keep it under 70c which is about right in my opinion ive seen some people push the vcore up to 1.4 which is a little much for my taste but you should be fine pushing it if you want to go higher just take it in steps and watch your temps and go to a point where you feel comfortable


Senior Member
May 10, 2009
The "thermal profile", also known as Tcase, is the temp the CPU will hit at full load with default volts and the stock cooler in a 30*c(i think, might be 40*c) environment. It's not a limit.

Prime95 for 24 hours is good, Intel Burn Test for a couple hours gives you the same guarantee of stability.
I use Prime personally, mainly because i've never gotten around to downloading IBT.

Wprime doesn't work well as a stability tool, it's a great benchmark, but OCs that aren't p95 stable and are not even close to IBT stable will pass wprime just fine.


Jan 19, 2009
For an I7 i really like LinX + the good old Prime95.

Remember that the I7 have the memory controller IN it. Using LinX with max memory used will stress this.

•At least 100pass of LinX with MAX memory used.
•At least 12hrs of Blend Prime95.

Never had ANY bsod with my I7 @ 4ghz.


Jan 3, 2010
What cooler do you have Boulard? I've left Prime running and it's fine, going to up it to the 4.0GHz mark tomorrow once I've installed Windows 7 64bit


Feb 6, 2004
Be careful with how long you stress test as well, not sure if this has been fully cured but the failure of the Elpida hypers from before was due to the mistreatment of stability testing.

Also, even the C0s should be able to hit 3.6-3.7 easily. I would start there and work your way through fine-tuning that overclock. Good job so far!