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Question re: possible "static" or standing water in part of cooling loop.

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New Member
Jul 6, 2015
Question re: possible "static" or standing water in part of cooling loop.

This is hard to explain so I will insert a picture as well.

I am using a waterway in my loop for the first time. One of the pre-established runs has 3 holes. (See below, bottom left) I want to keep the lowest far right one for a drain port and run my pump into the middle one, and in the final top one run a line into the GPU and continue on with my loop.

The question I have is... given that the pump will be attached to the middle hole, will the water below it in the space between that hole and the lower proposed location for the drain port create "standing water" to the extent that it would be more prone to bacteria etc.

For clarification, when you are looking at the image, the proposed drain port is in the bottom right. The rest of the run goes to the far left side where you can see the middle port, which I would put my pump into.


Put another way, I'm worried about the water from between my pointer finger and thumb not moving.

Waterway 2.JPG

Hope that's clear. Any insight you can provide would be great. Thanks.