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radeon 8500 users

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Jan 11, 2002
tOLEDO, OHIO, the heart of it all!
is anyone that is using a radeon 8500 running over 2600? i HAVE all the means to get my system over 3.0gig, but i am unable to get over 2600. i can boot to 2600, but it is not stable. i am 100% stable at 2500, but when i try to run 3dm or prime 95 at 2600, i crash of lock up. i am beginning to think that my 8500 is the culprate of my crashes, cause when i restart, the powerstrip config comes up. i am using the 6025 driver. if people are using 8500's over 2600, what driver are they using? at this point, i dont care how my video card preforms, as long as i can run stable at 3.0. thanks for the help.:D ps...even at 275/275it crashes, so im thinking that it is the driver.
This Wilma I have is at 2.2 and the driver that Im using is

Maybe reinstall your driver and completly remove the old driver before you reinstall it.

I will play with my new TEC to see if I can get more out of Wilma soon.