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ram for my system

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The Printer Guru
Feb 9, 2002
i tested my ram its like generic but it tested fine in the ramtest

anyways i still think it is holding my system back slightly cuz like lets say i run prime 95 torture test on Blend it will quit after 2 min saying hardware error or something.
yet my cpu is like 35*C at that time so it cant be the cpu no way what so ever.
i think the ram just isnt high enuf quality for that test is all ...

so if i want ram for my system ill have to place a order for it at the compshop in town .

what should i get ??
and should i get 2X ram or just 1stick ive heard that 2X is better .

honestly someone has to tell me why its better .
is it because of the bandwith ??? like 2sticks can process more ,than 1 stick cuz if dimm slot bandwith or what is the reasoning?

also on my mobo which is in my sig. i can run 400bus i think thats like PC-3200 ram corect me if im wrong
but my cpu is 333. will that ram even make any difrence to my performance? or will it even run proporly with this cpu?
also just toss me a name of some ram that will be stable for me
and if i decide later down the road to give a small overclock that will remain stable with it .

Big Mike

Senior Head of Import Performance
Dec 17, 2000
Fort Wayne, IN
For starters, you have an Nforce board unless I've forgotten my Asus codes, so two sticks would be better because the board has a dual channel memory interface. Is your Barton multiplier locked? If its not, I'd get high speed ram and try and push the FSB high, but keep it synchronous and try and get your timings as low as possible. If your multiplier locked your probably going to hit the chips ceiling before you get to the 400 fsb mark. Regardless, I always shoot for synchronous clocks on ram and chip with the lowest timings possible.


The Printer Guru
Feb 9, 2002
thanks but ill have to learn to overclock later lol i really duno how .

i mean i know you raise voltages and FSB some plus there vcore but im sure there is ways to do it specificly so ill have to learn how
but thanks for the 2x ram tip i figured thats how it went
its a nforce 2 i think also

any ram tips like brands ?? would regular kingston work or do i need like hyperX or corsair ram?
also there isnt a difrence between P4 DDR PC-3200 ram and AMD PC-3200 DDR what i mean is . PC-3200 is the same for both isnt it