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RAM Issue? Memory_Management BSOD – Newbie HELP!

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What if it doesn't boot? Does it auto revert to former settings and boot? Also, is using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility any good? I did a test that gave me 'Marks' and went to the site and it said:

Does this mean I am running at 4220, or that is what it got to in the "test" if I wanted to push it to that?

MemTest86 New Run

See image below, I am 91% through a new pass on MemTest and have 190 errors, though I believe before the BIOS update I was in the 1,000's at halfway through.

A couple questions related to my intital inquiry on my post:

1) Does this mean I am certainly doomed and have a faulty stick or sticks? Or are there possibly fixes to try and then re-run, on some sites it says maybe up my RAM voltage to 1.5 or 1.55, that seems quite higher than what at currently, or decrease CPU voltage, or run "more modest" timings, but with my specs and components it doesn't seem like I should have to run "more modest" settings, it sounds like more it is faulty yeah?

2) Would this by any chance be due to IBuyPower's choice to give me 2 sets of 32 (2x16) to make my 64, if they were from different bins or what have you, possibly not talking or syncing as well as if they gave me the 64 (4x16) all from the same kit and not two different ones? I still have not heard back from them but that frustrated me because it is not what I ordered or paid for.

I guess at this point back to what do I do to try and see if I cannot get to 0 errors with this RAM, or do I need to just push them to take mine back and send me what I originally ordered or refund me altogether, buy new and then start this clocking process again with hopefully fully functioing RAM with no errors?

Hammer test is flawed on Memtest. If that's the only test that throws errors, ignore it.
Thanks, I read that but I think I was at 175 or so before Hammer, now 42% through Hammer only jumped to 196, so only like 20 additional so far from that. I am assuming the 175 from all the others is not an encourging thing?
Nope. If you're getting errors at the rated speed and timings, you have bad ram. Which sucks because IBuyPower will make you ship the whole machine to them for repair.
Aye, hopefully not, I don't think I'll go that route if they do.

Maybe I have a leg to stand on since they didn't give me the RAM I wanted or paid for in the first place, and they never consulted using other. Maybe just get a refund and ship them back their faulty sticks they probably got from someone like me?

Is there any truth to this possibly being related to dust? And a good cleaning/resetting of the RAM could actually fix it? Also, is this related only to the actual modules are could it be firing errors do to an issue with where it's set or the board?

Do you know anything about upping the voltage as a solution either?

Is there any acceptable level of errors from this report outside of the hammer test, what if 30 came up? Still just get new RAM?

Any thoughts and help appreciated and thanks for all you've shared so far!
Reseat the RAM and run the test again. Especially because the PC is unstable after it was transported.
Do we have any idea on whether or not IBuyPower would have grounds for or try to say I violated the warranty in any way if I did this?

Any suggestions on best ways to 'clean' the modules? Or just reset?
Didn't the CMOS reset essentially happen when I updated BIOS? It reset all that was in there and when I ran MemTest before that I was at 1,000+ errors halfway through, after, quit 3/4 through hammer test and had 200, so something improved, I thought I read many suggestions of blasting out any dust, and removing and placing back the actual RAM sticks, possibly cleaning them could have an improvement. I have also read a lot saying people are having success bumping the RAM volts up to 1.37 - 1.40, whereas now I am at 1.35, thoughts on that too? Would messing with the Physical RAM sticks void my warranty, still nothing back rom IBuyPower.
Yes... but then you enabled xmp... which = not default. Honestly, it won't matter.... they'll look for physical damage. If the bios is at default, you're good.

But you said this happens (errors memory testing) with the ram at 1074/2133 (no xmp enabled)?

Seeing that it is a canned rig, you need to deal with them (ibuypower). Messing with it isnt a great idea. See what they say and report back.
I will report back when I hear, not a canned rig, I picked all myself, which is why some of you probably are cringing at the configuration maybe. That's why I think I have an edge on them for picking 2 separate kits of RAM different than what I wanted and paid for to throw in there, and what do you know... RAM issues, just take my sticks back and give me my money back or send me what I wanted.
That's why I think I have an edge on them for picking 2 separate kits of RAM different than what I wanted and paid for to throw in there, and what do you know... RAM issues, just take my sticks back and give me my money back or send me what I wanted

Your platform is quad channel. You need 4 sticks for quad channel. If you ordered 64, they likely put in 4x16 to do so. Cpuz shows quad channel.. You're good.
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Well you definitely know more than I, but I have read that combining different 'kits' of RAM, even if same brand and style can sometimes cause issues. Regardless, I asked for and paid for a 4 set kit of 64 GB [16 GB x4] DDR4-3000 Memory Module - Corsair Vengeance LPX (which would be MK64GX4M4D3000C16), and they did not consult but put in (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16) to my understanding 2 separate kits of 32 (2x16), for the 64. Maybe the same or legit, but what I read may cause issues, and not what I ordered, and now it would appear I have RAM issues that were likely existent since I got the PC. Just hoping they will agree to an easy swap, as I understand as well, most manufacturers of RAM have lengthy warranty, but since I went through them and they built can't go directly to them but they can, hope they play nice to try and keep a customer.

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I ran MemTest with the 'factory?' recommendations of 15-15-15-36 etc. and got the same amount of errors as trying to do XMP.
If it's the same kits, it shouldn't make a difference. At least, it shouldn't. But, you bought a boxed pc so it has to go through them.